Welcome to the big bonus hunt!

Walk in, walk in and a warm welcome to the virtual folk festival fun! Our more than 6,000 horny girls have unpacked their dirndls and are already waiting for you to celebrate a really hearty party with you! And the more you party, the hotter it gets and the bigger your bonus. Because today you get

25% bonus coins on the 1st booking,

50% bonus coins on the 2nd booking,

75% bonus coins on the 3rd booking

and mega fats

100% bonus coins on the 4th booking

Get the bigger and bigger bonus! Four chips are waiting for you on this page, every time you redeem one you will receive a bonus of 25% more percentage points on your next booking. So 25% more coins on the 1st, 50% more coins on the 2nd, 75% more coins on the 3rd and finally 100% bonus coins on the fourth coin booking on this day. The last opportunity to redeem this bonus is Tuesday 27/09/2022 at 23:59 CEST.

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